When you first look at Ko-Shin, you are immediately struck by her piercingly rare green eyes. If the eyes are truly the windows to the soul, then the magic she reflects through them beckon us deep into the spell of an enchantress filled with stories of adventure & wonder, a high priestess sitting at the gate before The Great Mystery, living on the edge between worlds, a true guardian of divine knowledge.

When you first hear her powerful voice, it immediately sounds familiar yet somehow ancient, invoking vulnerability while maintaining an essential invincibility – a skillful combination rarely heard, especially in contemporary pop music.

Ko-Shin shakes the listener to the core with soul-baring lyrical honesty and soaring melodies that take us into unseen worlds. In the music we hear and feel the contrast of her struggle to find wisdom and understanding in the everyday journey of what it means to be human.

“I write epic songs about courage, adversity, & determination against all odds. I write to honor, understand, find revelation & to transform myself because I know that in all things – there is always more than meets the eye. My goal is to be truthful to the bone, I am not afraid to bleed, but I know I’m meant to soar.”

The great French writer Marcel Proust said

“The voyage of discovery lies not in finding new landscapes, but in having new eyes”

– In the spirit of this adventure, and through the magnificent spellbinding eyes of emerging artist Ko-Shin, we too will inevitably unearth a new world.

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Ten Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

There’s always some random information you wish you knew about people, if only you could find a way to squeeze it out of them. Based upon some questions and comments I have received from you lovely people, I give you ten secrets you never knew about moi! 

1. I once auditioned to be a clown in the Barnum & Bailey Circus….the audition was at Madison Square Garden in NYC. I obviously wasn’t cut out for the job because I didn’t even make it to Clown College. Sadly, my dreams of running away with the circus will never come true. I do remember meeting a very cute mime, though…ahh, well, that’s another story!!

2. Music is in my Blood!!…My dad used to play the saxophone, and his dad (my grandpa) was a multi-instrumentalist who was the leader of a Big Band in NYC…..and going as far back as I know, my great-great-grandparents (on my dad’s side) were professional singers in Russia during the golden age of opera ! My mom also has an amazing voice!

3. I love animals and have two rescued dogs…..Bapuji (Von Snigglesworth) aka El Capitan, my first born furry son was rescued from Dead Dog Beach in Puerto Rico through the help of an amazing woman named Christina Beckles, who very much deserves your attention and support: http://www.thesatoproject.org and my second born furry daughter Lola Jezebelle was rescued while I was on vacation in Playa del Carmen Mexico. She was born in Cancun, is a trickster and lives to eat.

4. My top five favorite fruits are: coconuts, watermelon, mango, peaches, & avocados…if I could add some more it would be pineapples, raspberries, kiwi, bananas…oh the list goes on and on, I LOVE fruit and I could almost live on it, but I like other things too!

5. Five is my Lucky Numbernot like I ever won anything because of it, but one day I just proclaimed that five was my lucky number, and so it is! If you know any reason why this might be true, maybe you could clue me in?! 

6. One of my ideas of the perfect life is the balance of Song & Silence….I really love music, and most specifically singing songs and sharing them with you- as an expression of my spirit and my journey. The flip side of that is I really enjoy solitude and silence. Some of my friends find it hard to believe but I often spend days alone hardly talking at all.

7. I have always dreamt of going to India…. I once read the Lonely Planet guidebook cover to cover but I still haven’t been there yet!!! Someday soon!

8. If I have to pick a favorite color, I would say its celadon blueyou know the color of most blue asian pottery. I love many shades of blue, but this one is quite specific, look it up!

9. I am a connoisseur of Chai Tea…maybe it goes back to the love of Indian Culture, and NO! I am not talking about the stuff they make at Starbucks, dear gawd! I once spent an evening in a Northern Californian Indian restaurant perched on a high mountaintop eating delicious food, and drinking four cups of chai! I managed to wrangle their secret out of the waiter- rosewater! It was a good thing I had a long drive ahead…I prefer making it from scratch, but Yogi tea makes an amazing Rooibus Chai (you can only get it in the US) that is divine.

10. One of my greatest passions in life is to become the best ME I can be!….and to that extent I have read probably every self-help book on the planet, tons and tons of books about and/or by enlightened masters, gurus, mystics, creative visionaries, prophets, healers, leaders, out-of-the-box thinkers, poets, business entrepreneurs and more. And one of my other greatest passions is inspiring you to be the best YOU!