Whether you are a novice or an expert blogger, one of the most important graphic elements of your blog design will be the typography used to spice up your site. Though the recent advent of google fonts has made it easier to use a wider variety of web safe fonts than a few years back, the palette is still limited for uber creatives. So, like the delicious frosting on your artisanal cupcake, finding some typographic elements will add some delightful eye candy to your blog. eye candy                          You can use these elements in posts, to add text to photos, to create word art, transform inspirational quotes, create sidebar widgets, and more! In your hunt for these embellishments I think its important to take into consideration a few important points.

  • WHAT IS THE MOOD OF YOUR BLOG? You have to think about this. I suggest writing it down old school style in a book and doing some creative brainstorming to really figure out who you are and what you want to share with the world. Remember what your teacher used to say in the fifth grade….”A picture is worth a thousand words” and I think cool typography is like wearing designer jeans. So there’s also the other end of the spectrum with fonts that just dont make the grade. You are the weakest link – Goodbye! And there goes a potential reader….
  • WHO IS YOUR AUDIENCE? What is their lifestyle? What are they into? Where do they shop, and what other blogs do they read? If you are targeting your work towards people who like one of a kind handmade art, let your typography connect with them through some elements like handwritten fonts. Get a Wacom Bamboo Tablet and add that personal touch yourself. Or use some cool handwritten fonts from Dafont. If you are part of the tech community, make sure your fonts will speak to your tribe. If your a fashionista + student with a passion for designer meets vintage – let your typographic elements enhance your readers experience with the right fonts. It’s like a recipe gone bad when I see really great written content with awful visual elements.  It hurts my eyes. Fa realz.


  • WHAT IS YOUR MESSAGE? I believe in evolution & I am completely certain that you will change over time – however – I think its crucial to begin with a clear set of intentions and values that are true to who you are conveyed in your blog. Whether you are a die hard fashion lover, a business wiz, or an interior design is my porn kinda person – you have core beliefs and values that are integral to who you are as a person. You have something no one else in this world has. YOU. There is only one of you. Though you may be a diamond in the rough, I assure you, if you are reading this right now – you have something extraordinary to share with the world. It’s yearning to be born into this world. Get that old school notebook out again and start spilling open on the page. Do it Julia Cameron “Artist’s Way” style – 3 pages every morning when you first wake up. Burst open on that page! Do it as a practice, as a meditation, as a discipline, as a commitment to your creativity, and your personal evolution. Somehow your voice will emerge. I know, because I have found mine, and she has got a LOT to say!

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