One of the things that makes for great music, design, art and style is the juxtaposition of opposites. Inside the contradiction, the essence of beauty magically emerges. I see beauty everywhere I go. In the rust on an old metal fence, in the ruins of a broken down barn, in the tarnish on an old piece of silver jewelry. In Japan this is called Wabi-Sabi, which is part of a philosophy that focuses on the consciousness and aesthetics of imperfection and impermanence.brunamarcelluskimontaitashlencerdaforyacamimmagazine3




















When it comes to Fashion & Interiors, I am completely in love with both Bohemian & Glamour  – two completely opposite realities that somehow merge inside of the many creative parts of who I am! I think all of us have these internal contradictions. Instead of fighting them, I say celebrate them, and come up with a life and style that is truly one of a kind!





















In the evolution of your own personal style, think about what you love and look for the contradictions. I love making boards on Pinterest – and you can join/follow me over there to see a world of my seemingly opposing passions, as well as sharing yours with me!










I think that most modern societies encourage us to fit in to what is socially acceptable, and to be part of the crowd. YET, who are the pioneers, the original creators of our time, and times before? They have always been, and always will be the brave mavericks who dared to think for themselves and go against the grain.


























Inside of you lies that same brave spirit. Whether you feel it living vibrantly or just as a subtle hum, I promise you that you were born to be magnificent! One of the ways to tap into this creative genius is to start collecting photos of the things that inspire you. Put them in a binder, make a collage, create a photo library or slideshow on your computer, and maybe share them with the world on Pinterest!

Let me know in the comments below what contradictions live inside of you and what you struggle with! 

These amazing photos were taken by Marcellus Kimontait (and the top two were in collaboration with Ashlen Cerda).