Ko-Shin Jumping off cliffs with Kurt Vonnegut

It has been an embarrassingly long time since I have posted here on this website. It’s not due to having very little to say or share – I actually have been going through so much in my life in the past year that I went into artistic monk status and needed time to cocoon and embrace the changes that have been occurring inside and outside of me. It has been such a powerful transformation and I am still in the process of it. 

Clearly I am giving birth to a whole new me (yet again, welcome to my universe). “Identity” seems to be one of the core themes that my life, art, music and journey are about. I think its interesting to see how people in different cultures around the world relate to the concept of a self. 

As a visual artist, writer and mentor, I have been working on developing projects to serve other creative people. My teacher’s and guides instilled within me at an early age that it is important to keep sharing the techniques and teachings, for our creative expression to be passed down from warm hand to warm hand. The arts are a living, breathing entity and I realize that I have to keep sharing what I know with the people who want to follow a similar journey.

In the process of all these changes and transformations, I have struggled to find my own inner rhythm and balance.  I know in my heart that everything I am and do is connected and that someday soon the big picture will reveal itself.

I think we all go through this kinda thing. The more I told myself “girl, you need to write a blog post” the more I froze and just felt like I couldn’t and didn’t want to face this part of me. The most powerful and raw and real and beloved and sacred part of me. Well you know what, it happens. We go through cycles in our lives and we don’t realize what’s going on. We need time to respect our personal creative and spiritual processes so we can expand and transform into a more powerful version of ourselves. Ko-Shin 2.0 – the upgrade!

I have decided that this website and blog will be the home to my most passionate and personal creations – my music, my art and my heart and soul. The things that matter to me most and that I want to share with you. I hope it will inspire you in some way. Truth be told, I just have to be who I am – and I think when we are our most vulnerable, we are actually our most powerful.

The past three years of my life I have been living as an expat in Barcelona, Spain. If you have never left the comfort of home, family and culture behind to live in a far off land where few people properly speak your language, and everything you loved or took for granted looks and feels completely different – it will be hard to understand what it’s really like to be in my shoes. For those of you who have bravely left home, no matter the circumstances, I tip my hat to you. It ‘aint easy or always a delight. But it is always expansive. An opportunity to become more than you were before.

I finally admitted to myself that I am a truly brave and adventurous soul. On a very deep level, I have lived my life willing to travel into the heart of the unknown. To take chances and be open to change. I am excited to keep jumping off cliffs and have faith that my wings will appear on the way down. Either that or I will fall. Really damn hard. Either way, I will know that I gave it everything I’ve got. 

Shine Bright,