This weeks inspiration board is in honor of Valentine’s Day!

Puffy peonies, blooming roses, dahlias & cherry blossoms – all in the pink. Whether you are in a happy relationship or happily single this Valentine’s Day, I like to think of this day as a moment to feel the presence of love in your life and in the world. Take a few minutes just to breathe love in, and to think of everything in life that you love. Make a little list and put it by your bedside to read when you wake up and before you go to sleep. Remember that to attract love in your life you must feel it around you, and inside of you! I think when we fall in love with ourselves, the world around us mirrors that love back in many ways! Then from that place of sweetness, send thoughts of love out into the world. Do this a few minutes every day, and watch your life transform into a kaleidoscope of love.

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