I read recently this amazing quote “Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do” – that’s a real life-changer, right?! You have to dream first, and get clarity before you get into action. People are always talking about chasing your dreams – and I really got kind of irritated with the image of MY dream being something in front of me that I was chasing.Our words have great power, why should I see life through such a limited perspective. So I decided to create this little inspiring poster for you – Don’t Chase Your Dreams – Live Them” – isn’t that a much more empowering and inspirational message!

Dont Chase your Dreams - Live them!

It all begins with our words – they really do have power. Each of us has the power to consciously choose how we want to see the world. Be a part of the evolution of our culture and use your mind to create empowering beliefs – So grab this pic off the page, Pin it, share it, tweet it, facebook it – we gotta get this message out there! Raise the consciousness on the planet and rewrite the disempowering beliefs into majestic uplifting ones.